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Jan Maarten Kops
Jan Maarten

Founder & General Manager

Jan Maarten is married to Chérine and they have 2 children. He started playing baseball with the Twins in Oosterhout the Netherlands when he was 9 years old. Some years ago he got back on the fieldfoto-dieks-bannink as a little league coach and got involved with the organisation.

In his search for development programs, he got inspired by the format of the Collegiate Summer Leagues in the US like the Cape Cod League and Northwoods League. In 2012 he recruited 4 teams with quality coaching and Collegiate Baseball League Europe was born to play its inaugural tournament in Oosterhout the Netherlands in July.

Chérine Kops

Counselor general-manager and CBLE


Jan van der Sande
20160523_193559 (2)

Manager and Official Scorer

Jan van der Sande (1946)  is our knowledge base when it comes to European baseball, its clubs and its Federations. As former team manager of the Dutch National team and Rotterdam Neptunus he knows international baseball like no one else. In addition he’s been part of the organisation of 2 World Championships, 2 European Championships and 15 World Port Tournaments.

Jan is General Manager of the West Division operations and on game days he will be our Official Scorer (2016)

Jan is in 2017 Manager and on game days he will be our Official Scorer

Ed Kempen


Counselor CBLE

Ed Kempen joined CBLE in 2015. Ed has been involved in baseball for over 40 years  as a player, coach and manager of different organisations but mainly at Oosterhout Twins, home of CBLE. He’s a financial controller at a contracting company and a very good hands on manager, acting quickly and strong when needed.

Ed will be the General Manager of the East Division Operations (2016).
Ed wil be in 2017 Counselor CBLE.

Dieks Bannink

Official Scorer + Announcer

Since 1995 Dieks Bannink has been appointed by the Dutch Federation in over 550 games only in Holland. The CEB invited him several times to do his job at international tournaments.
Next to that he is the public announcer by his hometown team HCAW in the Dutch Major League. He started that job in 1992. The staff is very proud to add Dieks to their organization. The CBLE uses the Pointstreak program for collecting the stats so it is very important that an experienced person is taking care of that.