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La Rochelle Admirals win CBLE 2016

(Oosterhout)- La Rochelle Admirals beat reigning Champion Sant Boi Falcons 5-2 in the Championship game on Friday. Its their 3rd title after winning 2013 and 2014. Admiral’s coaches Jay Hemond and Rob Ushy first joined the La Rochelle Admirals in 2015.

After 2 weeks of baseball in Vienna, Prague, Amsterdam, London, La Rochelle and Sant Boi Barcelona, the EAST DIVISION and WEST DIVISION returned to Oosterhout for the Play-Off series that started on Monday. The Falcons won the WEST DIVISION with the Admirals became 2nd and the Cavaliers 3rd. The Dragons won the EAST DIVISION, Emperors finished 2nd and the Bombers became 3rd.

On July 25 the play-offs started with best of 3 series between both division winners, Falcons and Dragons. Falcons beat the Dragons in 3 games and earned a spot in the Championship game and home team advantage. The other best of 3 series were between Emperors(2nd EAST) vs. Cavaliers (3rd WEST) and Admirals (2nd WEST)vs. Bombers (3rd EAST). Cavaliers beat the Emperors in 3 games and Admirals beat the Bombers in 2. On Wednesday July 27, Admirals and Emperors took the field to decide who would face the Dragons to play for the final spot in the Championship game. Admirals beat the Cavaliers on Wednesday and moved on to beat the Dragons on Thursday in a one run game to clinch the second spot in the Championship game.

The Falcons looked unbeatable in previous games when Brandyn Vogtberger or Nikko Pablo took on the mound. Nikko Pablo gave up his first run of the tournament in the second inning but the Falcons were able to tie the game in the fifth. With 2 outs and a runner on first in the sixth inning Admirals MVP Addison Rospert stole 2nd base and then took advantage of an error to score the go ahead run. With 2 more runs in the same inning the Admirals took a 4-1 lead. The Admirals didn’t get in trouble anymore and beat the Falcons 5-2.


Final Standings:
La Rochelle Admirals
Sant Boi Falcons of Barcelona
London Cavaliers
Praha Dragons
Vienna Emperors
Amsterdam Bombers

Adisson Rospert USA

Best Pitcher
Brandyn Vogtsberger USA

Best Hitter
Matic Lešnjak SVN

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