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Antwerp Cavaliers reveal 2017 roster

(Antwerp-Oosterhout)- Today the coaching staff of Antwerp Cavaliers informed CBLE that they recruited LHP Johnny Hall-Walsh (USA, AUS, UK). With Johnny Hall-Walsh, they have their 20th roster spot filled and are the first team to announce its 2017 roster.

Cavaliers 2016 Team

The coaching staff has a new member with Maikel Berghmans replacing Don George. The staff now consists of Mitchell Berghmans, Maikel Berghmans and Frank Cramer. Mitchell has been with CBLE since the very first game and we’re happy to have the Berghmans family on our league. The Cavaliers roster will carry 7 returning players this Summer.

The 2017 Cavaliers Roster:

Johnny Hall-Walsh
Angelo Wicklert
Idoor Rouwenhorst
Matthew Joossens
Jelle Hanssen
Bas Timmer
Hugo ter Steege
Chase Palka
Jace Droogenbroeck

Micke Linqvist
Daan Groenewoud

Frank Dirks
Robb Lewis
Patrick Young
Joey Kuijsten
Douglas Friedberg

Ollie Thompson
Darryl Williams
David Cahn

Michael Anunobi

Mitchell Berghmans
Maikel Berghmans
Frank Cramer

While the Cavaliers are ready to go, the other teams are still recruiting. If you were born between 1994 and 1999, you ‘re very welcome to apply to join CBLE on and we’ll add you to the draftlist.

Watch the 2016 season recap here…

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