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CBLE Host Cities

Sant Boi – Barcelona Spain

Estadi CBS Sant Boi

In a privileged position on the northeastern coast of the Iberian peninsula and the shores of the Mediterranean, Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain in both size and population. It is also the capital of Catalonia, 1 of the 17 Autonomous Communities that make up Spain. More about Barcelona….

La Rochelle France

La Rochelle Boucaniers Baseball Field

La Rochelle is one of France’s loveliest coastal towns. Its historic port is beautifully preserved with a quayside that bustles with boats small and large, the seafront is packed full of lively cafes, bars and restaurants where you can stop and watch the world go by. More about La Rochelle….


Ballpark Borgerhout, Merksem, Brasschaat

Belgium’s second city and biggest port is Antwerp (Antwerpen/Anvers in Dutch/French) and wiithout a doubt, this charming city is the country’s capital of cool. It’s long been a powerful magnet for everyone from fashion moguls and club queens to art lovers and diamond dealers. In the mid-16th century it was one of Europe’s most important cities and home to baroque superstar painter Pieter Paul Rubens. More about Antwerpen…

Amsterdam the Netherlands

Sportpark Ookmeer home of the Amsterdam Pirates

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and almost a world of its own. Home to 174 different nationalities, Amsterdam is a true melting pot of cultures. The city centre with its famous canals breathes history and gives the city its character; the warehouses once used for trade have now been converted into apartments that mingle comfortably with international financial institutions nestled in 18th-century mansions. Amsterdam is located near Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, one of the biggest and most modern airports in Europe. The city has a remarkably compact centre with many interesting locations within walking distance, quite unique for a city that has almost 750,000 inhabitants. In addition to its fascinating mixture of cultures, Amsterdam also offers a nice blend of business and pleasure. More about Amsterdam…

Oosterhout the Netherlands

Sportpark de Slotbosse Toren (Home of the Oosterhout Twins)

The smallest city on our tour and home of Collegiate Baseball League Europe.
Since 1809 is Oosterhout a city. She got her city rights from king Lodewijk Napoleon. But Oosterhout is known longer. De history of Oosterhout goes way back till 1000 before Christ.

With a small but attractive city centre with nice bars and restaurants Oosterhout is located in the south of the Netherlands close to the Belgium border and only a 45 minutes drive from Antwerp and 60 minutes from Brussels. In addition Amsterdam is also just 60 minutes away and within 45 minutes you can visit the city of Rotterdam, once the biggest port of the World but still at 3rd place.

Airports in the area are Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Antwerp all at 65kM (40Miles) and Amsterdam (Schiphol) and Brussels at 110kM (70Miles)

One of Europe’s finest amusement parks “De Efteling” is only 15kM (10Miles) away.